• 5.23.1928 Born in Maysville, Kentucky
  • 4.12.1931 Sister Betty was born
  • 1.13.1934 Brother Nick was born
  • 1941 Moves from Maysville to Cincinnati
  • 2.9.1945 Little Sister Gail Stone is born
  • 1945 Begins singing with Sister Betty at Cincinnati’s radio station WLW
  • 1946 Clooney Sisters sing with Barney Rapp’s band at Castle Farms &  Netherland Plaza
  • 1946 Clooney Sisters go on the road with Tony Pastor’s band, Uncle George chaperones
  • 6.5.1947 Records I’m Sorry I Didn’t Say I’m Sorry When I Made You Cry last Night
  • Summers of 1947 and 1948 Nick goes on the road with his sisters and the band
  • 2.1948 Appears on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, also on show is Tony Bennett
  • 3.1949 Records last time with The Clooney Sisters and Tony Pastor’s Band
  • 5.1949 Betty returns to Cincinnati
  • 5.24.1949 Signs contract with Columbia Records
  • 1949 Appears on Ed Sullivan’s show

  • 4.1950 Records Peachtree Street with Frank Sinatra

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  • 1950 Appears on Songs for Sale with Tony Bennett
  • 1950 Appears on the radio program The Bob Hope Show
  • 7.1950 Appears on radio’s Steppin Out with Tony Bennett
  • 1.1951 Records Beautiful Brown Eyes
  • 1951 Come On-A My House is released
  • 1952 Films The Stars Are Singing, Here Come the Girls and Red Garters
  • 1952 -1954 Records numerous radio shows with Bing Crosby
  • 1952 Appears on Bob Hope’s television show
  • 1952 Falls in love with dancer and co-star Dante DiPaolo
  • 1.1953 First movie The Stars Are Singing premiere’s at Maysville’s Russell Theatre
  • 2.23.1953 Appears on the cover of Time magazine


  • 7.13.1953 Marries Jose Ferrer
  • 8-12.1953 Films White Christmas which is top grossing film of 1954
  • 1953 Little Sister Gail comes to live with Jose and Rosemary
  • 1954 Appears in Deep In My Heart with husband Jose Ferrer
  • 2.7.1955 Son Miguel Jose is born
  • 1955 Mother comes to help take care of the household and children
  • 1956 -1958 Stars in two seasons of her own variety show
  • 1956 Daughter Maria Providencia is born
  • 1957 Son Gabriel Vicente is born
  • 10.13.1957 Tapes The Edsel Show with Bing, Frank, and Louis Armstrong
  • 2.5.1958 Bing Crosby is named as Gabriel’s God-father
  • 7-8.1958 Records Fancy Meeting You Here with Bing Crosby and Billy May
  • 1958 Billy Strayhorn shepherds the recording of Blue Rose with Duke Ellington
  • 10.1958 Daughter Monsita Theresa is born


  • 3.23.1960 Son Rafael Francisco is born
  • 1960-1962 Co-hosts a radio show with Bing Crosby that is taped in her living room
  • 1961 Nephew George Clooney is born
  • 1962 Files for divorce
  • 1962 Performs for President Kennedy
  • 1963 Reconciles with Jose
  • 1964 Records That Travelin Two Beat with Bing Crosby
  • 1966 Guests on an episode of the Hollywood Palace
  • 1967 Divorces Jose Ferrer
  • 6.1968 Witnesses the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
  • 1968 Suffers a nervous breakdown and spends time in psychiatric ward
  • 1973 Reconnects with Dante DiPaolo at a redlight on Little Santa Monica Boulevard
  • 8.1976 Sister Betty dies from a brain aneurysm
  • 1976 Invited to join Bing Crosby on his 50th anniversary tour
  • 1977 Signs with Concord Records - releases first of 25 records for the label
  • 1977 Pens her first autobiography This for Remembrance
  • 10.14.1977 Her dear friend Bing Crosby dies of a heart attack on a golf course in Spain
  • 1977-1989 Performs in variations of the show “4 Girls 4”
  • 1980 Purchases the Riverside Drive home in Augusta (it was built circa 1830)
  • 1980 First grandchild Jordan Ferrer is born
  • 80s Serves as spokesperson for Coronet paper products “extra value is what you get...”
  • 1982 CBS Movie based on her book airs starring Sandra Locke and Tony Orlando
  • 1984 the first of her annual appearances at Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow & Stars
  • 1984 First Singers Salute to Songwriters to benefit the Betty Clooney Foundation
  • 1987 Rosemary acts in tv movie Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies
  • 11.23.1987 Performs for 2nd time in Royal Variety Performance for Queen Elizabeth
  • 5.1988 Celebrates her 60th birthday at Nick’s party house in Augusta
  • 1991 Appears at Carnegie Hall for the first time
  • 1.26.1992 Jose Ferrer dies
  • 1993 performs for President and Mrs. Clinton at the Whitehouse
  • 11.1994 Rides Macy’s Day Parade on AMC’s “White Christmas” float w/ brother Nick
  • 1996 is nominated for an Emmy for guest appearance with nephew George on ER
  • 11.7.1997 Marries long-time love Dante DiPaolo at St. Patrick’s in Maysville
  • 1999 Publishes second autobiography entitled Girl Singer
  • 9.1999 Performs at the First Annual Rosemary Clooney Music Festival in Maysville
  • 10.1999 Opens Michael Feinstein’s new cabaret in NYC
  • 12.1.1999 Sings at lighting of tree in NYC shares stage w/ Miss America Heather French
  • 9.15.2001 4 days after 9/11 does concert in Evansville, sings God Bless America
  • 11.16.2001 Performs with Honolulu Symphony, concert will be her last recording
  • 12.15.2001 Performs last concert at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ
  • 1.11.2002 Has lung cancer surgery at Mayo Clinic
  • 2.27.2002 Awarded Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 5.2002 Released from the hospital and returns to 1019 Roxbury Drive
  • 6.2002 Is told cancer has returned
  • 6.29.2002 Is called home to heaven
  • 7.5.2002 Is laid to rest near her family in St. Patrick’s cemetery in Maysville, KY
  • 10.1.2005 The Rosemary Clooney House holds its Grand Opening



• THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY HOUSE • P.O. Box 197 • 106 East Riverside Drive • Augusta, KY 41002 • Phone: 502-384-5346